About Us

Posted by Bali Local Family 08 October 2017

I am a Balinese and was born in Bali, I had the traditional home of Bali that I will introduce to the people who will stay with us, I would like to introduce my place because it is very easy and short, I invite you to come and stay in the traditional family home Bali, I will introduce the culture, customs and traditions in the life of the Balinese, especially for you to explore the area, experience the culture and tradition and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali in traditional Balinese style. Please come to us and I am sure you will enjoy the experience Stay earthy; My place is close to art and culture, and parks. our home is the real Bali, not tourist area it's real Balinese home in traditional life, You’ll love my place because,  and the Local Balinese Family My place is good for couples and BAG PACKER, please come and stay with us, be a part of our family life (we are Family) XX

Take you around and tell our Balinese local family, thank you.